Do you know Festool 484522 HL 850 Rustic Planer Head, Coarse

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Top Selling Festool 484522 HL 850

Festool 484522 HL 850 Rustic Planer Features

  • Coarse-cutting Rustic planer head with blade for heavily distressed or rough-hewn effects in solid wood
  • Spiral cutter engages the material with a slicing action, similar to that of a skewed angle hand plane, generating less chatter and a smoother cut
  • Self-aligning blades for quick and easy blade changes – loosen 3 screws, replace the blade, re-tighten screws and you’re done. Simple as that.
  • Durable, precision ground HSS spiral-cutting blade generates consistent results over a long service life
  • Precision-balanced machined aluminum head for smooth, vibration-free planing

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Festool 484522 HL 850 Rustic Planer Head, Coarse Rating

By Brian Stone Published: Mar 26, 2013 5 stars based on 105 reviews


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